Asset Management

ScanMan Asset Management

The ScanMan Asset Management System (“SAMS”) uses the latest hardware, software, scanning and communications technology to manage fixed and moveable assets.

SAMS provides a solution to assist with reaching the major milestones in the asset management lifecycle.

SAMS starts and ends with your ERP or excel data and provides full detailed traceability of all of your assets.
ScanMan generates a unique asset ID Number which can be barcoded, human readable or Radio Frequency Identified (“RFID”)
ScanMan-A : ScanMan Asset management core server and PC software.
ScanMan-W : wireless software and handheld devices make up the ScanMan System which:

In short, what does the ScanMan Asset Management System do?

• Manages your asset data and keeps a complete history of adjustments made.
• Supports file import, pc data capture, usb scanner, WiFi scanner or batch scanner so you can quickly capture your asset data.
• Support for 20 asset fields including 4 levels of asset classes and 4 levels of location.
• Pick Lists are managed on the PC and synchronised with the scanner for easy and accurate data capture.
• Support for photographs with PC and Scanner.
• Support for GPS co-ordinates on scanner and pc.
• Support for RFID scanning.
• Support for Motorolla, Intermec, Datalogic, Dolphin and ATID scanners
• Unlimited customisable file imports for scanned data and ERP data using SQL Stored Procs.
• Quick Reconciling tool for linking scanned assets to financial transactions

GPS Ready: ScanMan can display your assets in Google Maps with the click of a button:

Step 1: Search for items (assets or inventory items) that you want to view

Step 2: Click "Export To Google Earth"


Step 3: View data in Google Earth, you can save and email the KML file from within Google Earth