RFID Software

ScanMan RFID Software

ScanMan RFID middleware software can connect RFID readers to MS SQL, Oracle , MS Access, CSV and XML file outputs, as well as sending Digital I/O commands, configuration commands, and RFID read/write commands to networked RFID readers.
Our on-reader programs written in Ruby can leverage the built in processing power of your Alien network readers. our programs use advanced software techniques to identify and write to the closest tag in field and multiple tags in field, using unique, on-board RFID identification codes. Our software uses the reader's on-board memory to store data and report it to the middleware server in bursts during quiet periods of tag movement.
Our on-board reader software can integrate RFID tag reading and writing to the built-in reader digital inputs and outputs (GPIO) so that proximity switches can control reading/writing, and the user can control boom gates or indicator lights using on-reader logic without neccesitating a connection to the server.
Handheld programming: our ScanMan handheld RFID software is designed for Alien/ATID and Intermec RFID handhelds. It is customisable for your purposes and can also gather additional data from user input.
We will customise any of the above software to your requirements.