Syspro Integration

ScanMan Syspro Integration

ScanMan warehouse management software has been designed to closely integrate with Syspro, the leading ERP system designed in South Africa.

ScanMan interacts with Syspro in 3 possible ways, each more integrated than the next:

1) Read-only - this method uses a read-only SQL Server connection to your Syspro database. Typical data is: Stock Codes, GRN's, Suppliers, Jobs, Custom Forms, Inventory levels and values. ScanMan does not keep a master list of stock codes but refers to Syspro's InvMaster table when needed. If you are not running Syspro we will link into your ERP database as long as it has a client connectivity driver.

2) File Transfer - file transfer is only used after stock take has been committed in ScanMan. ScanMan creates a file in the correct format for Syspro to import into the stock take. If you are not running Syspro we will create whatever file format your ERP system requires for its stock take.

3) Com Object - com objects are the name Syspro has given to their Application Programmers Interface. Com Objects are powerful tools for modifying data in Syspro. ScanMan uses Com objects for updating Syspro with GRN's, Material Movements, Job Receipts,BOM Explosions, Warehouse adjustments and General Ledger postings. This level of integration with Syspro is optional.

The level of interaction with syspro is up to you, ScanMan can run totally independantly if you require it.

The advantage of close integration with Syspro is :

• reduced data capture,
• Syspro stock levels being kept close to ScanMan's,
• a reduction in user licences
• highlighting of Syspro configuration problems
• simplified screens compared to Syspro
• quicker data capture than Syspro

The user interface is specially designed for operation in noisy, dusty, low-light conditions, for users who have no formal computer training. Clear messages with red and green colours clearly indicate to the user the success of their transaction.

Coupled with a high performance server, the scanners and your wireless network do not suffer from performance problems during peak usage. All of the heavey processing is done on our ScanMan business server software. The business server software logs all adjustments with who-what-when for full tracebility of stock movements.

The scanners allow the user the freedom to interact with the data using touch screen buttons and on-scren writing, or using the hard-key buttons on the scanner. Many screens are designed to dynamically refresh based on the last scanned data which allows for powerful and quick cycle counts, pick lists, stock take, or inventory.

A unique and important feature of the ScanMan Wireless Lan software is instant detection of duplicate serial numbers during inventory or stock take. A bold error indicates if a duplicate serial number has been detected. Duplicate labels in your warehouse take up storage space, become obsolete, and will never be consumed or sold beacause your ERP system does not know they exist. They are un-deteactable using any other software techniques other than real-time, server side processing during inventory as is available with ScanMan WL.

The wireless software requires a user to log in to the scanner using a password and username, this allows for accurate accountability of stock movements.