2. Data loading

Populate ScanMan in a box Spreadsheets with your information 

  • The first step that occurs is correct identification of the product that arrives, this involves determining the correct Stock Code and quantity. It also includes   capturing any other required information like delivery note number, container numbers, supplier batch number or manufacturer serial numbers if needed.
  • All spreadsheets are pre-loaded onto the stick, ready for you to populate with your information.

  • The templates are ready to be used, all you need to do is to put your information that you need the system to process i.e goods, assets or anything 

  • The templates are sitting under this path C:\ScanMan\Excel Files.

Our system also gives you an option to use the systems front end to add your information.


NB:  Please do not change the format/headings of spreadsheets provided by this package. If you do, ScanMan will not be able to import it.

 The excel templates comes in three different templates, which is:

  • ScanMan in a box Goods receipts - This spreadsheet consist of  the information you want to print in your label (item information)
  • bin import - This spreadsheet consist of bin locations
  • Masterlist of Customers -This spreadsheet consist of  the customer information(customer id,number,name and address)
  • invoice to import from - This spreadsheet consist of the invoice/picklist information 
  •    NB:   ‘other’ columns are available for you to add the information that is unique in your organisation


Importing to ScanMan in a box

  • Importing in scanman is the process of loading your data into the system's database via excel spreadsheet

  • Below are the steps to import which varies in different kinds of import(GRV,Invoice,picklist and customer master)

  • NB: all of the excel spreadsheet imports go via admin and Import file. see below




1. Goods receipts import 

  • Goods receipts excel file comes in this format. See below 


  • After selecting your your Import File, The screen below will come up




  • Goods receipts gives you two options to import your data, which is Goods Receipts (DIVIDE QTY) and Goods Receipts

  • DIVIDE QTY will look at the spreadsheet and create each item as an individual item assigning a unique barcode for each item on the qty e.g stock code: 1234 Quantity : 7. there will be 7 items with the same stock code but different barcodes if opted to use that option.

  • Goods Receipts does not separate the item per quantity it assigns the barcode to the whole pallet 

  • After choosing the import of your choice, Click on browse button which will directs you to the location where your spreadsheets are sitting.

  • Then you can select your spreadsheet, if you want to preview your spreadsheet you can select Preview check then the table with your import will come up

  • Then Click import File button.




Preview your imports 

  • Once you have imported your goods receipts, Go to your Enquiries tab and click Enquiries




  • The screen below will come up,click Search button 

  • your information will come up, and the ItemInStock column checkboxes will be empty meaning you havent brought your stock in

  • This is exactly what is on your spreadsheet it now saved on Scanman Database. 

  • This system will automatically issue a barcode for each item based on units for that Stock Number



Manually add your items

  •    To add Goods receipts using the from end, Go to Adjustment tab. Click on Add Item button


  • This screen will come up, see below


  • Edit your information on your screen, fill in all the necessary text boxes for your company the system will automatically assign the new barcode for the new item

  • if you type in stock code ,the system will do a look up for you and brings the available stock code once you are happy with your information click save button. see below 


  • After saving, go to your enquiries screen to preview your items, you will see the new entry you can then print your label

 2. Customer Master 

  • Customer excel file comes in this format. See below 

  • After selecting your customer import on your Import file drop down 
  • you can then select your Master of customer spreadsheet, the preview will come up as shown below 
  • Click Import file button




Manually add customer information

  • To add the new customer entry using the front end, Go to the Pick List tab, The screen below will come up


  • Click on Add customer button,The screen below will come up prompting you to add your customer Name.Click Ok button


  • This screen will come up prompting you to add the Customer Address, Once you are done click Ok button

  • You can preview your customer information by going to Admin tab 

  • This screen will populate showing you the customer information in the database, See below



3. Bin Location import 

  •  Import your excel spreadsheet(example of format in C:\ScanMan\Excel Files) of Bin location. See below 

  • Select the drop down first then the spreadsheet to import.
  • Then select the import file button