3. Getting started

     Create a label

Creating a label is the process of using the information that describe that particular item to create its unique label, Labels are created from the Goods receipts spreadsheet imported into ScanMan each label will have its own unique barcode. Follow the steps below to create your label

  • Select rows of your choice – as many as you need
  • ScanMan will print labels for the items as selected i.e. if you selected 20 items, it will print 20 label
  • Click Print button 


The print preview of of the label will come up, see below :

  • The print preview displays the label and how many label will be printed 
  • Once you are happy about the information, then you can print by click the print icon


  • After clicking print the screen below will appear which is where you will select your printer and start printing.




  • Labeling is the physical process of attaching the label to the boxes/pallets. Care must be taken that the correct label is applied to the correct box or pallet to match the stock code,  this information is scanned with a USB scanner and associated with the ScanMan unique ID on the box/pallet.

   Scanning Barcodes

Once you have labelled your items, Now it’s time to scan them in

  •  During the goods receiving process, quality control keeps the items “out of stock” until they are inspected and released by quality inspectors. This can be a simple matter of scanning each item to release it using a USB scanner. and you scan the items into their respective locations(bin locations)
  • Click on Adjustment tab Select Bring in




  • The screen below will come up, which shown you Destination,serial(barcode) and qty textboxes 
  • Destination is basically your bin location that you will select on your select from your list dropdown
  • The screen also enables you to scan in using your keyboard,type in your destination and barcode then click save button


Scanning processes

  • The screen below shows what happens when you are scanning 
  • Select your bin location which will automatically populate the destination textbox 
  • Use your hand held scanner to scan the barcode on your label, as soon as you scan your barcode the system will do a look up and tell you what have you scanned for example stockcode'US004950-5071-30926' and its a 'Pant Elasticated ', the bin old bin and old warehouse
  • The space below will reflect green which means good and it will also tell you that your barcode is saved



  • ScanMan also does validation while you are scanning, for example if the barcode that you are trying to scan has already been scanned the system will give you the alerts below



Check your Scanned item 

Verifying is when you want to check what you have done

  • Go back to your Enquiries Screen and click Search button 
  • After scanning in the Items that you scanned will be in Stock under ItemInStock column the check box will be ticked 


  • You can also check the history to see what has happen to that particular item 
  • Select the row of the item you want to track, then click Show history/image check box
  • On your right hand side you will see the serial number, date of the transaction/action, Comments which contains what happen for example Ion 12th may 2017 this item was scanned in to Cutting Area.