4. Picking and shipping

Pick Lists (Delivery Note/Invoice)

Picking is moving stock out of the warehouse . You can also just to do an ad-hoc scan of items as out of stock, or mark them as out of stock using the system's front end.

Picking is a more controlled and directed way of moving items out of the warehouse because:

1.      Picklists are based on a definite requirement to move the stock

2.      Picklists control which exact items need to be moved, either explicit “Serial Numbers” or Stock codes can be enforced, allowing freedom in exact items.

3.      Pickists control the exact quantity to be picked and don’t allow over-picking

4.      Picklists are directed to individuals in a “task” way, so the workload for each individual is clearly visible and instructive, reducing the need for paperwork and supervision to assign workloads.


Create a Pick List

  • A new picklist is normally created from a sales order. NOTE: there are other scenarios where picklists can be created e.g. moving items from one warehouse to another.
  •  Click Pick Lists Button



The Screen below will come up

On your Pick list Search Screen click Actions Tab

Click New Imported picklist list button



This screen below will come up

Click Open File button


  Browse and select the spreadsheet(invoice to import from) you want to import as shown below, then click ok


After choosing your invoice spreadsheed the screen below will come up showing you what is on your excel file. Select any row, you can select as many rows as you want and click create selected button. 




·         Then this Screen will come up indicating that your Pick list has been created click ok


·          Your Pick lists will be created (you have added 1 one item on picklist number 2 and you have not scanned so the scanned will be zero). as shown below  




·         Double Click on the row of the Pick List you have Just Created




 You will see the details of your Pick list on your far- right screen. On your left is the Delivery/Invoice/Order number text box and the Person who created the Pick list on comments textbox

 Click Set Complete Button when you are done with the pick list, it will move the items on the pick list out of stock

Click yes on pop-up to confirm your action. as shown below



you can also delete the picklist incase you imported the wrong one using the Delete Stock Code button.as shown below 



  • Once you are happy with your picking information then you can  Print your Picking slip by  Clicking the Picklist report button to print your hard copy picking slip.

  • The picking slip print preview will come up,  This report shows the Invoice number/order number, PicklistNumber which is generated by ScanMan, date which the picklist was created,stockcode,stockcode description and the number on items you want to pick as shown below.

  • You can either email it or print it

  • To email you click email button and it will take you to your emails and automatically add the attachment all you do is type in the recipient email address and send

  • To Print, click print icon 


  • The screen below will come up which prompts you to select your printer which can be any printer that prints A4 paper and then click Print button


Scanning Out(Picking)

  • After you have created your pick list as shown above then you can scan out
  •  First Scan in your job Number from your created picklist on the destination text box using your  USB scanner, and then scan your label barcode
  •   The system will show you how many items you need to scan and how many you have already scanned. See the table below





·         Once quantity to pick column equals quantity picked then your table will be empty which means you are done . See below



·         If your scanning is correct the system will show you that your serial number was saved. see below




·         If you scan something that is not on your pick list or if you are over picking the system will give you an alert. See below


 Delivery Note

·         After picking your items, Go to your picklist screen to see the progress or the items you have scanned.

·         The system will the populate the picking information on your far right and the picked information below the picking information.

·         You also get an option to remove the picklist from the scanned items by clicking Remove Serial From Picklist button



  • Once you are happy with your scanned items, you can now print your delivery note by clicking Summary Report button
  • After clicking Summary Report button, the screen below will come up which is the print preview of the items you have picked/scanned out. The delivery note print preview shows the scanned items information, it also show the customer address,invoice number,date and also your company Address which is in a form of a picture


  • Before you can ship your item, Select your customer information as shown below  

  •  Once you are happy with everything, Click print icon


  •  The following screen will come up
  •   You can then select the printer, which can be any printer that prints A4 paper
  •  Then click print button